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ربطة معصم 10 متر – Tynor Ortho Stockinete 10 Mt

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ربطة معصم 10 متر

15.00 د.ا

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English Description

Made from the finest long staple cotton yarn, woven on state of art circular looms.
It is available as non absorbent greige, absorbent beige & ultra white.
The absorbent varieties are treated for hypoallergenicity during the process of dying washing and finishing.
Knitting in loose loops provides an inbuilt property of four way stretch to the fabric.
Made from fine long stapled cotton.
Seam less.
High grammage product

– Made from high quality, fine, long stapled cotton which remains cool in summers & warm in winters.
– It is dermophillic, hypoallergic, washable, breathable, soft to touch and good to feel.
– Made on “state of art” knitting machines to create four way stretch fabric.
– It is light in weight, seamless, has a Long functional life, is snug fit and stays in position.
– Tubular design allows quick and easy pull on wearing.
– Egg white colored, has pleasing looks and can be worn inconspicuously under clothing.
– Convenient specially designed packaging with side slit for easy unrolling.

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