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لهاية سيليكون سوافينكس 2-4 شهور – كلب – زهري – Suavinex – Silicone Pacifier 2-4 Months – Dog – Pink

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English Description

• pacifier comes with an innovative butterfly orange pattern. The pacifier fits on a young child’s face, with minimal contact with his soft and delicate skin, and the ventilation holes ensure continuous air circulation around the baby’s skin. A pacifier is a great aid for your baby’s comfort, whether during sleep or walking, and sucking a pacifier has been shown to release endorphins, the so-called happiness hormone, which gives baby a pleasant soothing feeling. It comes with an orthotic nipple that mimics a mother’s nipple during feeding, and fits perfectly on the roof of baby’s mouth. Authorized by the Spanish Society of Pediatric Dentistry. Can be used with pacifier and bottle clips in the set. Treat the baby by using a pacifier instead of your fingers, as this replacement can significantly stunt tooth growth.
• BPA free
• Easy to clean
• Unique design
• Clinically tested
• It does not cause odor and flavors are not attached to it
• Natural and non-toxic
• Orthotic silicone nipple
• Package includes: 1 pacifier
• Suitable for premature babies and newborns
• The design of the nipples is optimized for the correct growth of the palate

المواصفات: لهاية سيليكون سوافينكس 2-4 شهور – كلب – زهري – Suavinex – Silicone Pacifier 2-4 Months – Dog – Pink

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