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معقم كهربائي من سوافينيكس 3 في 1 ، 1 قطعة – Suavinex Electric Sterilizer 3 in 1, 1pcs

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English Description

The Suavinex 3-in-1 electric steam sterilizer sterilises baby’s pacifiers, bottles and accessories using intense water vapour eliminating germs and microorganisms that can lead to gastrointestinal conditions. Electric sterilizer perfect for cleaning baby pacifiers, bottles and accessories. Practical and very easy to use. Made with an electric body, removable for microwave function, which sterilises in just 6 minutes. In addition, its lid allows you to keep sterile accessories for up to 24 hours. Contains: 1 x Suavinex electric steriliser basket with capacity for up to 6 bottles 350 ml. Tray with grid for pacifiers, teats and smaller accessories. Tweezers for hygienic handling of accessories. Dimensions: 262 mm x 364 mm x 201 mm (width/height/depth) Technical data • 200W/220-240V/56. 60Hz We know us Suavinex, a company specialising in the care of baby and mothers. All of our products are made with love and care. We are synonymous with safety and confidence. The result of effort and constant innovation we offer a complete catalogue of products with BPA free materials and an innovative and top quality cosmetic proposal for pregnancy, mothers and babies.

المواصفات: معقم كهربائي من سوافينيكس 3 في 1 ، 1 قطعة – Suavinex Electric Sterilizer 3 in 1, 1pcs

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